THE PHYSICAL AURA-- THE PSYCHIC AURA-- THE SPIRITUAL AURA --Extract from "AMORC Demystified via Seventh Degree"by Pierre S. Freeman
1-Extract from "AMORC Demystified via Seventh Degree"-- A Guide To Telepathic Mind Control by Pierre S. Freeman
The Prisoner of San Jose: How I Escaped from Rosicrucian Mind Control
AMORC’S First Temple Degree Initiation ILLUSTRATED The Full Version With Commentary Part 1 (Initiation AMORC)
Tales of the Puppet Master: Emperor (Imperator) Speaks
Daring To Speak Of Darkness: An occult Whistleblower reviews the written works of the brave anti-cult freedom fighters and analysis the books of the great exit counselors
Mind Slaves of the Rosikrucian Collectorum Part 1 Mayhem on the Astral Highway Illustrated
AMORC Origin Stories: Every Superhero Needs An Origin Story. But Do They Really Need More Than One? Do We Dare to Question the Imperator?J
Les esclaves spirituels du Collectorum rosikrucien Ière partie Pagaille sur l’autoroute astrale Illustré (French Edition)